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Related article: Date: Wednesday, June 2, 2002 15 14th EDT 22 From: BuxomSFL aol. com Subject: Storm Belle This story is pure fiction. Any similarity is purely someone's life with at random. comments or suggestions should be up buxomsfl aol. com sent n Hope you enjoy ! It was raining that day. The heavens pour water in our city, as if someone had put imaginary waterfall above us. Jenna really should come last, s, but this time I was not going to hold against them if is not shown. After all, the only reason for coming was to show all me your new permanent, but as much as you would with an umbrella to protect from rain, is the humidity, it reaches the end. I dreamed point of view Top Pedo Sites of my bedroom window while laying on my bed, I read in a day, would have the nerve to tell Jenna how much she means to me. in the last month, when we went to choir competition for the state, I almost said a late night as we sat crying in her bed after loses horribly to another school. we embracedwhile crying, and even when I was about to say, she fell asleep. But what a. Wonderful feeling that they are so comfortable in my arms, they would sleep there was I kissed her forehead and tried to sleep. with in the morning we had disentangled from each other, but slept near together. Just as I started to close my eyes, because in bad weather, which is usually all I wanna do, I heard my mother talking to someone, and I heard a giggle family. Jenna was gone, rain or shine, as promised. I smiled, and someone had put smelling salts under my nose, I was now alert and anxious to see Jenna. My mother knocked on my door and opened it and looked to make sure that awake. When he saw me, got out of the way and opened the way for Jenna. Jenna came in, and immediately I could smell. There was no smell as welding or continuous wave, but a smell that I was turning my head and filled the nostrils with an aroma beyond words. Standing, I GreeFrom a hug large. This was my favorite part of being your best friend. To play, feel her heartbeat and Top Pedo Sites her sweet breath on my neck. I pushed him back and given a new hairstyle. With Top Pedo Sites a wide smile, nodded that looked really good. She smiled, happy with his new look. " You look so good Oh, my God, many people see the album Freak on Monday, when us! " I said with genuine enthusiasm I was happy for Jenna. This new hairstyle made ​​him look even better than before. blushed, lowered his head and quickly went back up to my fingers. " You know, you look beautiful ", which now blushed, and turned quickly to to close by it, the door of my closet, now seem to make a mirror. She moved to the mirror, studying her new haircut, play with them with Top Pedo Sites ease. Her hair was very short, much shorter than it ever used, but it was good. Now they had little curls that stuck his head out of the rain. Smiling, she turned away from theMirror and was in my bed. " I love Belle, only I have used. " Belle was my nickname, , and was the only person authorized to call me. Is short for Isabelle, each school called me Izzie, but she was Belle, for example, , which sounded more true, my character, like a woman in a Harlequin romance novel. With long black hair tied back with a band, I had to admit n , I played to the name of 'Belle ' very well. Jenna threw his shoes, and with this movement, I saw a large bruise green -blue on the inside of his left thigh. I could not breathe and met with his eyes. " is from my trip yesterday. I have exaggerated, as my leg has been is killing me every day. " Said Jenna, and they rub on the achievement of \\ \\ n hematoma. And what happened then, not only astonished, but also surprised. I turned around and flipped on the CD to listen to John Mayer. I moved to the door and closed it. I turned to her and then approached her. I fell down ather and touched the bruise. Vi it, and she shivered a bit of tenderness they did, but not the expression n other of the reason I knelt before her. I looked back to the my opinion, clearly see her pussy under her skirt. I moved to close and kissed him gently on the thigh contusion. With my third kiss that, I realized I never left. She did not resist. In this my adrenaline started pumping and I felt quite sure what would happen. I pushed her skirt a little more and started to kiss in the direction of her pussy. Suddenly moved towards me and pushed me back easy. All thoughts raced through my head and I was afraid that our friendship was to the end. He looked at me, surprised by what she thought, and I realized smiled as she opened her skirt and stood up, slide down to them. I see only in awe of her beautiful form. I have always noticed, , but so close to her pussy made ​​me see more. Sn then slid her panties and exposed her pussy trimmed. The smell was intoxicating and I had to do everything possible to avoid burying my face in it. A then took my hands and lifted me off the ground. I almost lost before my stop, overcome what would happen. He leaned forward and kissed me gently at first, then passionately, as ever dreamed kissed before. Immediately embraced me and pulled it as near me, as I could, thinking, time stopped, but for all with us. Open lips as he stared into the eyes of what appeared to as usual. " you know. You know that you were there had always wanted," Jenna whispered. " No, I knew I always wanted. I only dreamed of feeling the form it," he said, frankly, a little louder than a whisper. " Psst... we do not welcome the interruption," Jenna, as she unzipped my shorts and pushed them away. Slowly slid my panties down and lifted my shirt over his head. " Mmmm, eaAccess Sier. Today, no Bra Belle ? " So I pulled her shirt over her head and her beautiful breasts exposed. Were the size of a B and bold way. Her nipples were vertical, and fascinating. I leaned toward her beautiful sweet nipples, and put it inside me, that at the time that n much more erotic. We were in bed in each of ingestion, touch, feel, and n enjoy each other was. is like drinking could be, or even higher. I not get enough of what they had to offer. me out of his y sat between her legs, rubbed my hands on your body as it was pouring the perfect person. was awesome. Everything about her was Top Pedo Sites so perfect. I went out from it and bent down to taste, finally, what his body would be affected. at first kissed me outside, wall tickling his lips with my soft touch and a bit more, and laughed a little. When least expected I pressed her face hard into it, in the nose buriedbetween his lips, my tongue licking any part of it. opened her mouth and lifted her hips, and I had to use my hands to keep your body s down. He grabbed a pillow over the face and thus to dampen her moan. But I did not need to "listen" if he was satisfied. Top Pedo Sites His body showed all the emotions little happened. With these words, climaxed by opposing hard and uncontrollably. And then there was a knock. Someone knocks at the door , and I panicked and I turned away from her and trying to get out of the the bed to find clothing. The door handle shook, and I heard my mother on the other side wondering why the door was closed, with a small great wrath in his voice. I shouted that we are changing and to keep a second. less than 15 seconds they were both dressed for bed and ready for a around the world. I ran to the door and opened and opened to the door, greeted my mother with a frown on his face and said Julia 's mother was in the phone and why I have not heard the bell Top Pedo Sites the phone. I quickly looked at Jenn and gave the phone to lose weight. I winced at my mother when she was in my room, adjust the volume on my CD player. So they went out left the door open wide. " My mother wants me at home. She says that I have seen it coming, while my brother Mrs. Parsons to take on the road to the store " Jenna murmured, as n looked around and collected what was left of it. I sat in bed looking to collect his things, and wondered if it was, what s from a dream. Look out the window, I saw that the rain had subsided had, and wish it would start again, my support and lower Top Pedo Sites the mood. Just then, Jenna turned to me and sat beside me. under my On the other hand in his, and my face with his hand movements to the face, that leaned on me and kissed me. " Do not look so sad Belle. This is just the beginning. " She said, therefore, sober. And they were. And I smiled again.
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